Some things I do:

  • MARKETING CONSULTANT - Do you need to reach more people in your target market? Sell more product or tickets? Figure out how, where, and how much to spend of advertising?

  • COPY WRITING (AND EDITING!) - So you need email blasts or newsletters written? Website copy? A clean and pretty press release? A new bio? Articles or blog posts? Have you written something that you’d like a psychotic grammar nerd to edit?

  • MERCH DIRECTION - What products do I order? What should the designs be? How much? What’s a good price?

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - See the tab above…. I can do it all! And help you print, too.

  • BRAND VOICING - Do you want to revamp your brand or are you a new company just starting out?

Some of the brands and companies for which I do those things: