Mini Review of East Nashville's Cafe Roze

The team - "It's the people who do Jack's Wife Freda in New York!" When I heard this uttered of the new Cafe Roze, I was in. NYC chef and Nashville transplant Julia Jaksic's easier-to-get-into concept opened recently at the previous Porter House Bistro address. Amply-staffed and buzzing with energy, the waitstaff were friendly and knowledgable about the menu. 

The space - is loud. VERY loud. Once our ears adjusted and a particularly rambunctious table closed out, it got a little quieter, but don't expect much privacy in this cement building.  On first glance, Cafe Roze checks off everything in the New Nashville Restaurant Starter Pack: The black menu board with the little changeable white letters. The chalkboard sign perched on the sidewalk. The dangly bulbs. BUT it's evident that a lot of attention to detail was paid... the pewter pinks and muted greys throughout, the succulent-lined granite bar, the black-and-white ceramics... all create an Eastern European feel - stark but inviting.

The food - Dainty, but delicious. I had the hearty "Savory Oats" bowl and Whit had the "Simple Breakfast" (both pictured below). We ate every bite of the flavor-rich and good-sized portions. The bottomless drip coffee was some of the best coffee I've tasted in Nashville (Revelator Coffee).

Check out Cafe Roze: 1115 Porter Rd  |   8 a - 4 p  |  Dinner service coming soon