Trask Brand Ambassador Article - INTRODUCTION

A Note from Trask: We searched far and wide to find individuals who influence the world in an authentic way. People who embody the strong and independent nature of Trask and who embrace all that life has to offer. These people are chefs, musicians and artists from some of our favorite locales across the country. We are proud to announce Zoe Yarborough as an ambassador of our brand who will share how she lives her inspiring lifestyle. With that, we’ll let Zoe introduce herself…

My name is Zoe Yarborough and I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. I went to an enormous public high school and then on to a tiny private university, Washington and Lee, in Lexington, Virginia. Those four years spent tucked away in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley afforded me an eclectic and inspiring group of friends from all over the country. I studied English and creative writing, but found the common thread of music naturally weaving its way into my coursework. I played keys in a band from time to time, took courses on music history, and I even wrote my English thesis on how music affects the art of writing memoir.

During college, you could find me climbing up the side of a mountain, in the WLUR 91.5 FM studio where I held a weekly radio show, or sitting in the window of Lexington Coffee Shop, where 90% of all my scholastic and creative productivity occurred. After graduation in May of 2012, nearly every one of my best friends and sorority sisters transplanted to New York City. I wasn’t drawn there as they were, but I knew I wanted a vibrant, young city where I could surround myself with music. I chose Nashville, Tennessee– or, as the onlooker might call it, Music City, USA. I eventually overcame the feeling of being landlocked and more than a road trip away from the East Coast, my friends, and my family and quickly fell in love with this town.

After a short stint in the marketing department of a floundering toy company, and a longer stretch of hostessing, nannying, and job searching, I finally landed a job at a small, dog-friendly artist management company on Music Row. We have a roster of bands and solo artists whom we guide and advise in nearly every part of their careers as musicians. Of all moving parts that comprise “the biz” (and there are a lot), management is the most hands-on. We’re the liaisons between the artist and everyone and everything else. I work on everything from creative promotions, to merchandise design, to web content, to tour logistics. I even get to spend some time on the road with our artists. I also scout bands and write music reviews on the side. The industry is high-energy, ever-evolving, fluid, connected. So is Nashville.

I am constantly inspired by the gumption here. It doesn’t start and end with musicianship – everyone is passionate about their work and eager to hear about what drives others. Sometimes I take a step back and think about how cool it is that my passion also happens to be what pays the bills. Nashville is small enough to feel accessible and comfy, but there are so many little nooks and corners to explore. The Trask brand fits seamlessly into the landscape here. Equal parts rugged and elegant, easy and bold. It is perfect for the work-to-play, on-the-go lifestyles of Nashvillians. Though I miss the people and places on the right side of the map, this is home and where I’ll hopefully build a fruitful, industrious career. I’ll still hold meetings at my neighborhood coffee shop, find a trail to hike on crisp spring Saturday, and share my music with the world in new ways.